Introducing our new system, the Videre-Lux.


The Mnemosyne, Dobpler and Resonance is all sensor based on the principle of distributed sensors for direct interaction with humans . During the last years we saw the need for a Led light art system that is directly feed with computer generated graphics, video sources or central micro-controllers for coding light effects.

Our task of creating interactive LED facade modular panels for architecture that are wheater resilient, thin and lightweight has also lead to the development of genuine production technique that we claim has solved many of the issues and concerns related to lifetime expectancy, maintenance regimes and costs related to using LEDs in the harsh outdoor environment. This technology now opens for full creative freedom in shapes, colors and translucent materials for custom designed integration in architecture. And it is fully compatible in design with our Mnemosyne system for combination possibilities.

Its is not a high resolution system with its pixel CC of 50 mm, but its potential when it comes to light output is phenomenal.

The premiere of this system in full scale was the luxurious Baselworld fair in Switzerland. Created in cooperation with the brand architects The Brandstorm for the MGI Luxury Groups brand Movado. Custom made for a modern architecture with diagonal facades covered in delicate black fabrics that contrasted the light and materials. The weave patterns of fabrics togheter with the grid of pure white LEDs created vibrant textures togheter with the motion-graphics art provided by Nullohm.