Brightening up another pedestrian tunnel

Nullohm has participated in the the make-over and the lighting design of a pedestrian tunnel  at Lindberg in Oslo. The designs of the light installation and wallpaintings are based on interviews with local stakeholders and participatory workshops. Several tests of various luminaries were carried out together with local children and adults, who were invited to try-out and play with the lighting in the tunnel.

We designed two black Dobpler panels of various size embedded behind semitransparent mirror,- mixing the Dobpler light effect with the mirroring of the viewer as well as reflecting the vivid colors of the opposite wall-paint onto the monochrome light-walls surface.

The project was a collaboration between the urbanists at Lala Tøyen, build and engineering by HOOS and project management by AF Lighting for Oslos project “Områdeløft Lindeberg” that is working on revitalizing the local area.

lindeberg tunnel