Nominated for two awards by Lyskultur.

Two of my projects in 2017 has been nominated for Best Outdoor Projects. The Lindeberg pedestrian tunnel for Oslo Municipality who contains two unique Dobpler installations using semi mirrors was done in cooperation with ÅF lighting and HOOS.












The other project is the NBUnding at Naustdal Primary School also in Norway. NBUndring is based on the subject Heavenly Objects, and is made up by two major light installations. Solverv is a 300 Watt Red, Pure-white and Warm-white dome placed in the roof of the outdoor pavilion. Naustdal is located in a fjord with high mountains blocking the low winter sun, so during these dark vinter months you may take a quick “sun” treatment under the lamp who cycles the light to simulate a 24 hours cycles of the Norwegian midnight sun every 10 minute. It  is so bright that the use of sunglasses seems appreciate.

Himling is the other installation, and is focusing on the participation of the kids on the school who may control with their smartphones each of the 90 DMX lamps that is integrated in the canopy of the outdoor area. The system my also be controlled from the media room as a creative tool for the education and used during culture events that takes place in the school.