Two nominations from Norvegian Lyskultur for best outdoor projects


Nullohm with partners have been nominated for two awards for Best Outdoor Project from the norwegian light designers organisation Lyskultur.








The tunnel at Lindeberg by ÅF lighting features two Dobpler Interactive Led walls covered by semi mirror embedded in a diagonal patterned light-wall creating responsive “starlike patterns” for the pedestrians, while also reflecting the colorful murals on the opposite wall.

The project is part of a general lift of this suburban area of Oslo. and has improved the local communities usage of this tunnel.

Suppliers and engineering by Osram, Frizen, HOOS

Architekt: Lala, Kolab, RIE: ÅF Lighting













NBUNDRING, Barne og Ungdomskule

Himmling and Solverv









Two installation designed by Nullohm on the subject of “Heavenly Bodies”. Dmx roof lamps  are controlled by the kids smartphones or the media labs computer, + a enormously bright simulation of the Norwegian midnight sun cycle on speed for the dark winter nights.

The project is a integrated part of the new buildings architecture and is booth usefully and playful.- inspiring the kids to wonder about the cosmos. The subject of the installation are based on the theme “undring” (wondering) as a legacy of the Norwegian artist Kjartan Slettemark  that was born in Naustdal.

Architects: Arkitekt Arki v/Helge Naustdal , Nordplan og Salt arkitekter

Enterprise: Skanska, Åsen & Øvrelid og byggeledelse ved Norconsult.