Author: Stig

Introducing our new system, the Videre-Lux.

  The Mnemosyne, Dobpler and Resonance is all sensor based on the principle of distributed sensors for direct interaction with humans . During the last years we saw the need for a Led light art system that is directly feed with computer generated graphics, video sources or central micro-controllers for coding light effects. Our task […]

Nuit Blanche: between the sky and the Seine

The 11th edition of this major celebration of contemporary art will take place on 6 October. The programme for Nuit Blanche includes strolls along the banks of the Seine and unobstructed views over Paris. Free. Nullohm and Oidems light instalation Off Two will have its finalisation as part of Nuit Blanche on the Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir. […]

Pressemelding:LE PONT SOSIAL. OF TWO

Nullohm har i samarbeide med franske OIDEM installert den interaktive lys-installasjonen Of Two på Passerelle Simone De Beauvoir beliggende foran nasjonalbiblioteket i Paris. Der vil den være en del av Oidem Artistic Researsh Studios kulturelle satsing The Social Brigde med installasjonen Of Two hvor temaet er den sosiale bruk av de offentlige rom. Interaksjons designet er […]