The worlds largest LED Bulb, to what may be Guinness Book of Records official: The largest “living room” lamp.



Nullohm has togheter with he craftsmen of Prototyper AS, Bolt, Apart and Hydrolift created for the artists Fredrik & Martin Raddum an impressive large piece of lighting furniture.  Situated in the park and of a neighborhood with the name Haugenstua, -that if translated would be something like ” the living-room on the hill”. The measures are impressive nine meters high and four wide. And we had to used norways largest mobile crane to mount it…


From the local news:



Sonomorph – the first run in the gallery, video

Nullohm has just finished a project for the architects at Bifokal – A sound activated interactive wall!
It consists of 70 modules that reacts with movement and light when it hears sound, it gets more vivid the louder sound. The modules consists of a special made circuitboard, programmed with the Arduino programming environment. A microphone is sensing the sound in the room, and triggers events in form of light and movement. All the modules are autonomus.
It was composed a special piece of music for the wall by Ali Parandian.
The film was shot the night before the exhibition opening, with an iPhone, so the quality isnt the best..

Spending a night in the nordic forrest, -what to bring

Tomorrow night is the Leonids and Nullohm will take a trip to a the forrest to get away from the city-light for a great experience. We have a a tradition of cooking reindeer stock from and old Sami recipe with a nice bonfire, and sleep under the stars if the weather is nice, cold and dry.

We always bring some gadgets, like the first LED lamp we made in 2005, the Can of Light, maybe a pair of Russian night googles, or even a fire piston made here in the workshop to light the fire (the flint method is preferred thou)

Last time we had a round up of all the Troll-stories we knew, and those are someone you don´t wanna meet…

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Nullohm goes Architectureart

Mad Professor has been working on electronics for the Architect Triennale 2010  exhibition in Oslo.

He was working on the installation “Man Made” on Youngstorget,
have a look! Its gonna be there for another 3-4 days!

Have a look at the timelaps of the building of the installation.
More pictures to come….

Dobpler in Milano

Dobpler in Milano
Dobpler in Milano

Dobpler was invited to participate in the Well-Tech exhibition in Milan – A Eco-Design exhibition witch is a part of the Milan Design week.
We had great response on our ‘Designer version’ of the Dobpler wall – With tailor-made aluminum, glass and Solid Oak stand…
The trip was quite long… 2000 km in car each way.. Phui!.

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