Meet Våge

Opening: Ormen Våge in Re. 27 sept 20:15 Revetal

Meet Våge

A dragon that ascends where art, light-design, craftsmanship and attention to detail, gather.

Våge is designer and artist Stig Skjelviks latest instalment and resides in Revetal, Norway. It guards a large multipurpose facility for children, that facilitates all sports and cultural expressions.


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Dobpler Interactive LED system exhibition in Košice, Slovakia. 19-20— January

Nullohm are participating in European City of Culture 2013 with a three meter Dobpler wall, a sircuit identical to the installation we did in cooperation with Snøhetta in Norway in 2008.

Dobpler is a soft and extremely energy efficient «Light on Demand System» in the form of modular Led panels with a simple interaction that creates joy, visibility and attention. The system may be used as walls, floors, roofs.

Since 2008 we have developed a new generation system called «Mnemosyne», offering more interactive possibilities that can be tailor made for different projects.

This exhibition is a presentation of a classic, pioneering work in interactive/narrative LED lighting designs and art for permanent use within architecture.

Múzeum Vojtecha Löfflera Košice
Alžbetina 20
04001 Košice

Nullohm constructs advanced scientific testing apparatus for Opera Software

Google Chromes fantastic workshop video in Mythbusters style (but why did they make a “behind the scenes”?) was inspiring for Operas professional browser testers, -Odd and Even.

They also wanted to speed test browsers versus potatoes to find the fastest of the two.

Nullohm got the challenging task of developing the highly advanced apparatus for this exiting experiment. And we are very proud to present this state of art technology.

What´s up with Null Ohm and the page

We have been really busy the last months with a lot of experimenting and projects for clients. Working with establishing the company and partnering with suppliers etc. Letting the webpage down. Now its time to change that.

We have some cases from the workshop that we did for fun and testing that we will post some photos from soon. We are working with a kinetic project, and some of the testing we did was to build a robotic to take care of the gardening in our office. Yes that right, we don´t only have the casual office plant, we have a indoor lawn. And the grass needs to be cut, watered and feed with light and nutrients. Our experience with a indoor lawn is that it really makes the air better, its summer-felling all year round and its probably more effective as a air freshener than the casual office plant.

We plan to post some projects like these along with news about or work and projects for clients, not as much as DIY tutorials, but for inspiration and fun.

Grass Robot