Final Touch at Louisiana, the video

Cleaning a piece of sensor based interactive architecture is in fact quite more fun than cleaning a non interactive piece of architecture, its so easy to see what area you have just washed. – see for your self at the video.

Nullohm to exhibit at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Nullohm has been invited to participate in this summers exhibition «Frontiers of Architecture III-IV LIVING» at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Copenhagen, Denmark).

We will participate with a 9 m2 Dobpler wall, which is identical to the installation we did in cooperation with Snøhetta in Sandnes, Norway, in 2008. Dobpler is a soft and extremely energy efficient «Light on Demand System» with an simple interaction that creates joy, visibility and attention. A preventive effect on negative behavior in public space, or simply ment as a inspiring attraction.

The system consists of modules that connects together to build whole interactive walls, either as covered area or spread out as lines or mosaica The system has a unique sensor technology that detects people motion as glowing shadows without the use of complicated technical installations. It is maintenance free and a simple to implement in architecture. Since 2008, the installation in Sandvika and the technology used has received international media coverage in architecture and design media. Since then we have developed a new generation system called «Mnemosyne», offering more interactive possibilities that can be tailor made for different projects.

This exhibition is a presentation of a classic, pioneering work, in interactive/narrative LED lighting for permanent use within architecture



Frontiers of Architecture III-IV LIVING
1. June – 2. October 2011

The Louisiana’s exhibition series Frontiers of Architecture I-IV, which the museum has been showing in the years 2007-2011, uses architecture’s deployment of other disciplines to illustrate the new movements and paths that are shifting the frontiers of architecture. With its overall theme LIVING, the last exhibition in the series, combining nos. III and IV and filling half the total exhibition space of the museum, turns the spotlight on the question “How does the Good Life look today?”
The exhibition highlights the tendencies and new departures facing architecture in a world of increasing globalization. How are the individual, the community and social relations conceived today? What do people dream about, and how do they live out these dreams, which are constantly expanding human notions of life styles and spaces for living?
Traditional family structures, urban structures and life modes are being challenged by new kinds of technology and communication as well as increased mobility. The exhibition LIVING focuses on architecture’s partnerships with human sciences like anthropology and sociology. These softer, less quantifiable sciences come to expression in the exhibition through crossovers between architectural projects and art installations and glimpses of current ‘case stories’ from various parts of the world where social development has created new dwelling styles.
The first two exhibitions in the series were Frontiers of Architecture I – Cecil Balmond: The Hidden Order and Frontiers of Architecture II – Green Architecture for the Future.
Realdania is sponsor of architectural exhibitions at Louisiana.


Art Council of Norway grant for wind installation at Stokkøy

We are happy to announce that The Norwegian art council has granted us a stipend to work on the artistic installation Drag.

Photo: Dan Ågren, Rune Kvalsnes, Ingvild Suorza Svean og Pir II

The planned location of DRAG – wind responsive environment is at Stokkøy in Trøndelag, Norway.
A windy island where the rough landscape shaped by the North Sea meets new and daring architecture.
A perfect location for technology designed to work on natures premises like our Vawt lamp post.

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Spending a night in the nordic forrest, -what to bring

Tomorrow night is the Leonids and Nullohm will take a trip to a the forrest to get away from the city-light for a great experience. We have a a tradition of cooking reindeer stock from and old Sami recipe with a nice bonfire, and sleep under the stars if the weather is nice, cold and dry.

We always bring some gadgets, like the first LED lamp we made in 2005, the Can of Light, maybe a pair of Russian night googles, or even a fire piston made here in the workshop to light the fire (the flint method is preferred thou)

Last time we had a round up of all the Troll-stories we knew, and those are someone you don´t wanna meet…

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Nullohm goes Architectureart

Mad Professor has been working on electronics for the Architect Triennale 2010  exhibition in Oslo.

He was working on the installation “Man Made” on Youngstorget,
have a look! Its gonna be there for another 3-4 days!

Have a look at the timelaps of the building of the installation.
More pictures to come….