Art Council of Norway grant for wind installation at Stokkøy

We are happy to announce that The Norwegian art council has granted us a stipend to work on the artistic installation Drag.

Photo: Dan Ågren, Rune Kvalsnes, Ingvild Suorza Svean og Pir II

The planned location of DRAG – wind responsive environment is at Stokkøy in Trøndelag, Norway.
A windy island where the rough landscape shaped by the North Sea meets new and daring architecture.
A perfect location for technology designed to work on natures premises like our Vawt lamp post.

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Nullohm cooperate with Bifokal


If there is anything that will define the present style-period in architecture and design in retrospective it may not be the estetic´s, the materials or the production techniques. It want be the current political or cultural currents as single influence either. It will be the creative explosion in the usage of embedded electronics in our objects and surroundings. Not only as simple means to solve a task, but as a defining quality that leads to new shape, usage and experience that has not been seen before. The creative explosion in the use or micro-controllers like PIC and Arduino has given the creatives the tools of the professional industry, and classics will be created.

The Oslo based architects from Bifokal is thinking along the same lines as we do. So when we meet, it was natural to join our skills, knowledge and resources to create some of these visions.

Meet the Bifokal´s

Review in Azure Magazine

Azure Magazine has in their special 25th anniversary issue an interesting article on the new trends of interactive surroundings. Featuring some of the most interesting technologies available on market, our own Dobpler Interactive LED System included of course.

Check it out on your well stocked local supplier of good magazines!

Or take a peek at the PDF version:
Azure magasine PDF

Dobpler in Milano

Dobpler in Milano
Dobpler in Milano

Dobpler was invited to participate in the Well-Tech exhibition in Milan – A Eco-Design exhibition witch is a part of the Milan Design week.
We had great response on our ‘Designer version’ of the Dobpler wall – With tailor-made aluminum, glass and Solid Oak stand…
The trip was quite long… 2000 km in car each way.. Phui!.

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