No sights of the Leonids, and no Trolls either

Last night we went hiking in the wild forests outside Oslo to get away from the citylights to maybe catch a glimt of the meteorstorm that was coming.

Four bold guys went into the woods, but not unprepeared, we had our new Trolldetektor v.1.0b with us!!

Hammer and bolt to attach the detector to the timber
The Accelerometer, the processor, and the rest of the circuit is buildt
The acryl shells are ready from the CNC
Quick assembly of all the parts, mounted using ziplocks
The steel-bolt is hammered into a tree
Fastening the detector firmly to the tree and the detector to the bolt…
The detector is turned on, has calibrated itself for its environment, and is flashing its white lights when small vibrations in the ground is registered by the accelerometer. If the white light turns off and blue LEDs on -The number of LEDs indicates the clasification of troll detected.
We had an nice trip into the dark woods, with a warm bonfire and alot of coffee. No sight of the meteors, and no Trolls detected either.

Trollcoding: code and partslist

Spending a night in the nordic forrest, -what to bring

Mad Profesor


  1. Interesting project and looks like one that was fun to design and test.

    I also took a look at your web site and found the wind turbine lamp post. I like the concept but I believe it needs a battery to be effective. Most places just don’t have enough wind to keep the light on in the evening.

    Thanks, Tom