Art Council of Norway grant for wind installation at Stokkøy

We are happy to announce that The Norwegian art council has granted us a stipend to work on the artistic installation Drag.

Photo: Dan Ågren, Rune Kvalsnes, Ingvild Suorza Svean og Pir II

The planned location of DRAG – wind responsive environment is at Stokkøy in Trøndelag, Norway.
A windy island where the rough landscape shaped by the North Sea meets new and daring architecture.
A perfect location for technology designed to work on natures premises like our Vawt lamp post.


In all coastal regions of Norway there are a raging debate concerning planned wind farms and the placement in the natural landscape. Our tiny wind turbine addresses the biggest challenge facing its giant relatives: How to utilize renewable resources with a minimum of negative impact.

Electricity creates jobs and heats our homes. What are the trade offs? Do we need to use electricity on a 24/7 basis, or could there be ways to conserve this resource? To whom do the wind and the energy it provides belong? The dense urban areas that need more energy or the small communities that needs the financial muscles of the society at large to build such infrastructure modern life demands?

Are white wings spinning in the horizon ugly or beautiful? It’s in the eye of the beholder, but may also be pending on the aera. The coast used to be full of white sailing rigs in the era of  the tall ships. A seldom view these days, but always appreciated.

We don´t know the answers, but by introducing three innovative principles with our design in a esthetic fashion we hope to inspire the debate.  By adding a extended experience of the landscape and the natural powers in a context of use when awailible. Making something usefully on demand : Light. And at the same time make known an old and brilliant idea that has not received the attention and development it may deserve; the Vertical Aligned wind turbine.