The Louisiana build

Short and intense production, all parts sourced and shipped on the edge of the deadline. Our helpful partners at Topro delivered the finished PCBs just in time for assembly, and everything works flawless. Next is travel and  building at Louisiana.

Custom made controller made of Corian and Kebony

The Centerstage´s CNC doing its magic,- repetitive precision.


Arriving at the beautifully Louisiana, the site is buzzing with craftsmen and artist laying the final hand on the installations.

My Home My House My Stilthouse, Arne Quinze


Installing the dobpler modules are quick, -click clakk, allmost lik Lego, which fits nice since we are in homeland of this fantastic modular system. Soldering the power distribution on the other hand takes some time. We are so looking forward to the next build that will use poke-inn connectors.


Finished at around 20 in the evening, and for the first time we can experience the full size of the latest build of this strange analogue Dobpler circuit. We added some more delays on the timing, and  making “snow angles” is looking really awesome.

Angel shadow


And finaly a well earned beer for me and Rasmus in the garden of Loiuisiana Museum of Modern Art