…and then we take Berlin.

Finally, after more than a year of tedious planning we are ready for finalization of the project: Siegessäule on Großer Stern, Berlin.

Our client, ADB Architects has on behalf of Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung been in charge for the total rehabilitation of this great monument in the heart of Berlin. Viktoria has even gotten her self a new dress in real gold leaf, and is probably more proud than ever.

Our contribution will be the construction and delivery of a pair of “Dobpler” LED walls, using our new digital Mnemosyne technology in the underground pedestrian tunnels  leading to the monument . The installation will create not only energy saving light on demand for the visitors in the narrow corridors, but also excitement and well-being with its responsive light design.

The Mnemosyne is in comparison with the original analog Dobpler circuit a more versatile system when it comes to interaction possibilities, and is the final result of long time development into a product with a high quality PCB (made in Norway) for rational assembly and modularity. The complete system has high corrosion resistance for a long lifespan, and fulfilling the strict building codes for a public entrance area.

The two walls will be 10.8 meters long, built in Stainless steel and tempered glass with a thickness of only 80 mm. Each wall contains 8640 LEDs with 6500 lumen and  a Kelvin of 5500-7500. The custom made super efficient power-supplies from Vicor provides a total of 24 KW for each wall, while the actual consumption for standby light is calculated to be around 100 w + 30 watt per person walking by.


Der Himmel über

But that´s not all.  We have also designed a custom skylight for the tunnels, clearly marking the cross section with a impressively cascade of light, a light that is a synthetic recreation of the actual sky right above. A Red-Green-Blue-White (RGBW) LED light of 960 watt, feed by eight sensors for each sky direction. Controlled by Arduino, driving the LEDs with our new and very exiting powerful LED drivers. Built with a stainless steel casing the installation is bearing the fitting title Der Himmel über as a tribute to the classical Wim Wenders film (english title Wings of Desire)  that made the Viktoria monument an icon of Berlin

Planned finalization for both projects is mid September 2011.