European Capital of Culture Kosice 2013

At the European Capital of culture 2013 Opening week in Košice we participated with a 9 M2 Dobpler wall, the same analog technologhy we useed in cooperation with Snøhetta for the European Capital of Culture 2008.

Dobpler is a soft and extremely energy efficient «Light on Demand System» with an simple interaction that creates joy, visibility and attention. A preventive effect on negative behavior in public space, or simply meant as a inspiring attraction.

The system consists of modules that connects together to build whole interactive walls, either as covered area or spread out as lines or mosaic The system has a unique sensor technology that detects people motion as glowing shadows without the use of complicated technical installations. It is maintenance free and a simple to implement in architecture. Since 2008, the installation in Sandvika and the technology used has received international media coverage in architecture and design media. Since then we have developed a new generation system called «Mnemosyne», offering more interactive possibilities that can be tailor made for different projects.

This exhibition is a presentation of a classic, pioneering work, in interactive/narrative LED lighting for permanent use within architecture by industrial designer Stig Skjelvik.