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Sonomorph – the first run in the gallery, video

Nullohm has just finished a project for the architects at Bifokal – A sound activated interactive wall! It consists of 70 modules that reacts with movement and light when it hears sound, it gets more vivid the louder sound. The modules consists of a special made circuitboard, programmed with the Arduino programming environment. A microphone […]

Nullohm goes Architectureart

Mad Professor has been working on electronics for the Architect Triennale 2010  exhibition in Oslo. He was working on the installation “Man Made” on Youngstorget, have a look! Its gonna be there for another 3-4 days! Have a look at the timelaps of the building of the installation. More pictures to come….

Dobpler in Milano

Dobpler was invited to participate in the Well-Tech exhibition in Milan – A Eco-Design exhibition witch is a part of the Milan Design week. We had great response on our ‘Designer version’ of the Dobpler wall – With tailor-made aluminum, glass and Solid Oak stand… The trip was quite long… 2000 km in car each […]